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Sustainability and Green Manufacturing

Sustainable Energy Part 1: Outline Sustainability and Green Manufacturing Thesis Statement: Organizations across the globe have embraced the concept of green manufacturing and sustainability. The application of sustainability and green manufacturing is seen to be competitive, efficient and profitable for organizations. The concept is not all about practicing the best concept but it has also enabled organizations to accrue long-term and short-term financial benefits through establishing and environmental conscious improvement. Introduction The concept introduced in the paper instigates that the idea related to going green does not necessarily mean sustainability though the two concepts are related. The application of the terms might be seen as the same thing albeit the ideology of green would mean a singular process or product. For instance, the paper focuses on the ideology of green manufacturing being the operations related to the processes that would not harm the environment whereby the products would be produced entirely out of materials that are recycled. The paper introduces sustainability to be the art of the organization having a holistic approach whereby the entire process of production would and the logistics would be considered. For instance, it is possible that one may have made a purchase of a product that is environmentally friendly, which a product of recycling. However, the product would be seen not to adhere to sustainability principles if it is from a country or company that has made products in an environmentally harmful method. The manufacturing companies understand the essence of green manufacturing and sustainability, which has made them focus on the environmental issues that are beneficial. Body The focus of the paper would be on the different ways in which organizations have embraced sustainability and green manufacturing in relation to the positive impact they would have on the organization and the society. Reduction of Energy related Cost Manufacturers always focus on the cost of water and energy whereby they would find ways of reducing the expenses. There is the need for the organizations to embrace energy-efficient lighting system as well as adjusting the various lighting levels towards reducing the overall long term cost. The organizations would also have to change the nature of their packaging to save the space within the facilities. Organizations would also turn to wind and solar energy in the equipment and machineries they use within their premises. The organizations embark on going paperless and recycling with the aim of saving on supply cost in turn attains sustainability. Attract Customers and Sales increment The art of green manufacturing and sustainability is applied by organizations to attract stakeholders and customers. The consumers in the world today are sensitive to the environmental issues and would be attracted to companies that improve environment and sustainability. Societal Impact The companies would accrue profits though the actions of the organization would make a different to the society surrounding them. Green manufacturing together with sustainable production would be crucial in helping the organization attain a low carbon footprint as well as reduced pollution. This process would be beneficial to the future generations due to sustained renewable energy sources, and improved water and air conditions. Conclusion Thesis would be expressed in a rhetoric and educational manner to indicate the importance of green manufacturing and sustainability to the society and the organization. The conclusion would initiate the analytical summary of the entire paper such the understanding and the experience of the individual on the subject matter. Concluding statement that the application of green manufacturing and sustainability should be applied by organizations across the globe. .