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State of the News Media

State of the News Media The State of the News Media 2015 refers to the twelfth edition of the annual report courtesy of the Pew Research Center, which traces its success from a group of the able-bodied administrative panel which includes the Pew Research president Michael Dimock and the vice president of research Claudia Deane among others. The report’s main objective is to help examine the state of America’s journalism. Some of the issues examined include audience, news investment, ownership trends for certain significant sectors such as the news media (cable TV, and news magazines). The Research Center conducts demographic research, opinion polling, and media content analysis besides other empirical social sciences research. The report attempts to address issues such as policy views, the internet and the respective technologies, the US politics, religion and public life, the Hispanic trends, the US social and demographic trends as well as issues regarding global attitudes. One of the most interesting features concerning this report is its appeal. The report contains visually attractive graphics such as pie charts and bar graphs that help present data in a proper way. Other remarkable features concerning the report include the simple statistics that have been presented alongside charts; this aspect of the report makes it quite easier to understand. The tone of the report is also friendly in a way that entices the reader to continue reading the report to the end. The report is made of different sections; The State of the News Media 2015 outlines the role of mobile devices in digital media, trends, and patterns of these devices’ use. Moreover, it covers the viewership audience pattern including the relevant economic trends of the various newscasts such as cable news, newspapers, local news and network news for morning and evening viewership. The “Digital News – Audience Fact Sheet” outlines various digital news entities, involving desktops and mobile devices. Some of these digital entities according to the research include sites such as, the,,, among others. There is also the “Revenues Fact Sheet” which is about digital advertisement and covers issues such as digital ad revenue and total digital advertisement. There is also data about total ad revenue for companies such as Yahoo, Google, Twitter Microsoft, and Facebook. Information regarding newspaper is bundled up in the “Newspaper Fact Sheet”. Issues such as the audience, readership, economics, news investments, ownership and digital aspects of newspapers have been outlined. The “Network News Fact Sheet” also shares one or two insights with the “Newspaper Fact Sheet”. Some of the topics covered by this section include issues such as the audience and economics. The audience aspect of the research highlight the morning and evening news viewership for the ABC, CBS, and NBC, talk shows as well as TV news magazines. The economic segment of the research includes issues such as annual and quarterly revenue of selected TV shows. Digital audience attempts to outline the mobile network’s online presence. The “Local TV News Fact Sheet” also attempts to cover issues such as the audience, economics, investments, and ownership issues. “Podcast Factsheet” section conducts research regarding issues such as podcast listenership, podcast awareness, and issues such as hosting and downloads. Other areas of research in the State of the News Media 2015 include an Audio section known as the “Audio Fact Sheet”. This section attempts to document important facts regarding audio media. Some of these include trends regarding online audio listenership, web-based car listening, news stations, a section which tries to document the rate of decline of new stations. The sections also attempt to cover issues regarding revenue in terms of their decline and rise. The State of the News Media 2015 also contains “Public Broadcasting Fact Sheet”. NPR stations outlined issues such as listenership, the rise and decline of new visitors to NPR. Org (website traffic), average monthly NPR podcast downloads and other media such as mobile media that influence PBS. The “News Magazine Facts Sheet” covers issues such as subscription, news magazine digital access, sales and the overall subscription. Others include “Alternative Weekly Fact Sheet,” “Hispanic Media Fact Sheet,” “African-American Media Fact Sheet,” and lastly “State of the News Media Methodologies”. References Pew Research Center. (2015). State of the news media. n.p.