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Social Inequality, Patterns and Processes

Essay Questions: From the book: Social Inequality, Patterns and Processes, sixth Edition. Martin N. Marger. Chapters 7, 8, 9, 10 Be sure to write 250 word for each question. Make sure that you answer every part of the question. Describe at least three ways that the federal government, over the course of U. S. history, has acted to help expand the middle classes.   Describe and discuss the major components of the dominant ideology in the United States. Most people in the society, including those in the lowest social classes accept the dominant ideology.  Why?  How would Karl Marx explain lower class acceptance of society’s dominant ideology?   Briefly describe the American ethnic hierarchy and how it has changed in recent decades.   The most detailed study of social mobility was conducted by Blau and Duncan in 1967. Summarize the most important findings from this study.  In which social classes did they find the lowest levels of social mobility and in which classes did they find the highest levels of mobility?