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Selecting an HRIS Application

Phase II – Selecting an HRIS Application HRIS Needs Assessment With respect to the case, Gladwell Grocery Stores has various needs as far as the human resources are concerned. The movement of the operations manager across 10 stores of the business is tiresome and costly. Additionally, the physical movement has a negative impact on his productivity as a manager. The organization needs a human resources information system that will integrate all the 10 stores and enable the operations manager to handle them from one central location. The organization needs this system as it will generally boost the efficiency and effectiveness, not only for the operations manager but the employees and the organization in general. Benefits of an HRIS The first benefit of the HRIS is the idea that it greatly reduces paperwork (Saraswat, Bhatnagar & Raina, 2015). This implies that the company saves a lot since it will have to buy less paper or no paper at all. The system is digital and this makes it possible for everything to be done on the computer. It also improves the neatness of the office because no papers are thrown around anyhow. Secondly, the system improves oversight. The operations manager will not have to physically travel to the 10 different stores to supervise the employees. Once the system is developed and put in place, the manager will be able to oversee the entire organization from a single location. Lastly, the Human Resource Information System improves productivity. It basically boosts the efficiency and effectiveness of operations bearing in mind that it is an automated system, therefore, errors are minimized. It also saves time and this gives room for other services to be attended to. Effect of Automation Through automation, the processes will be computerized and human activity will be reduced. This implies that fewer or no errors will be made once the system is in place. Efficiency and effectiveness will be achieved in the sense that processes will be completed faster with a higher level of accuracy (Tursunbayeva, Pagliari, Bunduchi & Franco, 2016). This implies that the organization will be more effective with respect to delivering services. It is necessary for businesses to automate their process for boosting their efficiency and effectiveness. The HRIS to be implemented With respect to the case, the greatest need of the business is to have an HRIS that will be able to integrate the various stores and enable the operations manager to recruit from one central location. The best HRIS for this case should be able to meet the client’s needs to the letter. For this to be achieved, it is necessary to carry out a more extensive research into the recruitment needs of the organization so that the system to be implemented is as customized as possible to meet the specific needs of the client. Through this, the system will be more relevant and will meet the client’s needs effectively. System Offerings One, the greatest system offerings is the idea that the client will be able to recruit remotely. Potential employees’ details will be electronically sent to him then the decision is made without him having to move around. Secondly, the system will offer speed. The recruitment process will be faster than before. Improvement of efficiency The selected HRIS will improve the efficiency of the recruitment process by making it more accurate (Beadles, Aston, Lowery & Johns, 2015). This implies that the organization will be able to hire the most suitable candidate. Secondly, the assignment of duties and responsibilities will also be more effective. The system will be able to identify the stores that need the required professionals. It will also be able to suggest which specific individuals should be posted to specific stores. HRIS Vendors The two vendors to be compared are SimpleHR and BambooHR. Both basically carry out the same functions but slightly differ with respect to the cost. The SimpleHR goes for a one-time cost of $199 while BambooHR cost $8 per employee per month with a minimum spend on $99 per month. The SimpleHR offers basic functions while the BambooHR is more complex and can handle more tasks. Recommended HRIS Vendor The recommended HRIS vendor for Gladwell Grocery Stores is BambooHR. As much as it is more expensive in the long run, the system offers a larger variety of functions that will be useful to the organization. Additionally, the system will meet the client’s needs more effectively bearing in mind that it is more customizable. Basically, it is the most efficient and effective of the two systems and as such, it will produce the best results. While selecting the HRIS to be implemented, organizations should not only focus on the cost bust also on the ability of the system to deliver the specific needs of the organization (HR Guide, 2015). References Beadles, I. I., Aston, N., Lowery, C. M., & Johns, K. (2015). The impact of human resource         information systems: An exploratory study in the public sector. Communications of the IIMA, 5(4), 6. HR Guide. (2015). HRIS Vendors/Consultants. Retrieved April 25, 2017, from Saraswat, B. P., Bhatnagar, S., & Raina, A. K. (2015). A Comparative Study of HRIS in Small    and Large Enterprises. Tursunbayeva, A., Pagliari, C., Bunduchi, R., & Franco, M. (2016). What does it take to   implement Human Resource Information System (HRIS) at scale? Analysis of the        Expected Benefits and Actual Outcomes1.