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Subject    Management Topic      SCM Type       Essay Level       High School Style        APA Sources  see the attachment Language               English(U.S.) Description Chows one of the SAM Article and write 2 page essay and I will attach all the information on the file please follow the direction carefully:   Article critiques should be no more than three pages long, double spaced, and should, typically, be presented using the following format as a guideline:

  1. Title of Article
  2. Author(s) of article
  3. Name of Publication, date of publication, and page information.
  4. Purpose of Article
  5. Methodology (Research paper, Case Study, Literature Review, Conceptual paper,

Industrial report, etc.)

  1. Hypotheses or Propositions, if relevant
  2. Main findings of the paper
  3. Contributions of the paper to your knowledge of SCM and to the SCM literature
  4. Your analysis of the quality of the paper %u0432%u0402%u201C Was it well written and understandable? Should

other issues have been covered? Can you suggest ways in which the paper could be improved? Etc. Spacing  Double Pages     2