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Sales and Marketing Plan

MGMT 600 Week 2 Individual Assignment ***Grade A+ tutorial*** Sales and Marketing Plan Student’s name Professor: Keller Management School Table of Contents Description of the Industry and Product 3 Marketing Message 4 Market Research for Sales and Marketing Plan 4 Marketing and Sales Plan 5 Product Differentiation Strategy 6 Target Customers 6 4 P’s of Marketing 6 Marketing Schedule 7 Marketing Budget 8 Conclusion 9 References 10 Description of the Industry and Product With the increase of health education and environment intelligence people are choosing the bicycles as a commuter medium for small distance. IN many populated cities it has been made a practice to use bicycle to come to office or for daily routine work for a small distance. This sales and Marketing plan is targeting the bicycle manufacturing industry and core product for which all marketing strategies will be discussed here is BICYCLE. In current situation this industry is still in his…etc