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QUANTITATIVE METHODS IN BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT The purpose of this coursework is to give you a chance to practice the quantitative methods you learn in MG2602. You are free to choose a data set from the relevant databases (Bankscope, Bloomberg, Datastream, FAME, UK Data Service, Osiris, Eikon, Thomson One Banker, Passport, Mintel Oxygen, ONS, UNSTATS, EUROSTAT, OECD Statistics, etc.). You are expected to analyse a dataset of your choice in a structured manner. In this coursework you will produce a report of your analyses. This report is expected to have the following sections: 1. Data overview: the source of the data, the year it is published, the number of variables, the nature of variables (e.g. categorical / numerical) and the number of observations. 2. Data descriptive statistics and visualisation: Descriptive statistics of the data (e.g. mean, median, mode, range, variance, standard deviation, skewness, kurtosis for numerical data, frequency tables for categorical data) and summary charts. Interpretation of results. 3. Hypothesis testing: Construction of hypotheses applicable to the data and testing of these (e.g. differences between categories for numerical variables, non-parametric hypothesis testing where applicable). Interpretation of results. 4. Linear correlation and regression: Testing of correlation between numerical variables, regressing a dependent variable on an independent variable if there exists a cause-effect relationship. Interpretation of results. Your report is not expected to exceed 2,500 words. You should also attach your raw data as a spreadsheet file (.csv, .xlsx or .xls) along with your report.