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Personal Negotiation or Paper

Personal Negotiation or Paper Sometime during the last half of the semester you will conduct a “live” personal negotiation.  The substance of the negotiation may be anything – a purchase or sale, something related to a job or employment search, relations with peers, co-workers, or family members, etc.  The following rules apply: This must be a new negotiation, not a write-up of one you have experienced before taking the course. The person you negotiate with may not be a classmate or the instructor in this course. The person you negotiate with must not be aware that you are doing this as a class exercise. You must articulate and write down a negotiation strategy beforehand, including the major elements of strategy we discuss in the course. You might consider interviewing the person you negotiated with and/or observers, after the fact, to get their perspectives on the negotiation. This is an individual written assignment.  It can be a maximum of 4 double-spaced pages in length.  (Page limit does not include title page.)  You may also include a one-page table of figure if necessary. In most ways, the Personal Negotiation write-up can be considered a more elaborate version of the same type of analysis you will do for your simulation analyses.  Of course, your personal involvement will presumably give you insights into the problem that are often missing or artificial in the exercises.  There are four main parts of this negotiation analysis: Problem description.  Since I don’t know anything about your situation, as I would in a class simulation, a brief description of the situation and the nature of the parties and the subject of the negotiation are needed.  This should be fairly brief. Preparation/Strategy.  You should include an explicit discussion of your preparation and your strategy going into the negotiation. Meeting and outcome.  This is your description of the meeting and what happened in the negotiation. Reflection and analysis after the fact.  This is an in depth analysis of the results, similar to the extensions & lessons in the negotiation simulation analysis. Fisher, R., Ury, W. and Patton B. (1991). Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In. (2nd Ed.) Penguin Books:  New York. Thompson, L. L. (2015).  The Mind and Heart of the Negotiator.  (6th Ed.)  Boston, MA:  Pearson You can read those book and get some negotiation skill from those books.