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Migration of Nurses – Problems and Solutions

1 Topic: Migration of Nurses – Problems and Solutions Specific Issue: Strategies to alleviate nursing shortages in the US Class Plan for: Month Day, Year Student Seminar Leader: First Name Last Name Credentials Objectives: 1. To describe and discuss the pros and cons of nurse migration 2. To explore personal experiences related to nurse migration Time 1800 Event Activities / In Class Resources 1810 pm Opening Describe nurse migration and how it relates to the nursing shortage in the U.S. 1813 pm Review objective(s) (see above) 1825 pm Questions to Spur Discussion: Who are the stakeholders? What are the advantages of international nurse recruitment to the US? Discuss main groups affected by nurse migration Discuss some of the benefits of nurse migration to the U.S. 1835 pm What are the disadvantages of international nurse recruitment to the US? Discuss some of the problems with nurse migration to the U.S. 1845 pm What are other possible solutions in improving nursing shortages in the U.S.? Explore other options for alleviating the nursing shortage in the U.S. 1855 pm Closing Review highlights of group discussion and any conclusions reached Assigned Readings: Evans, M. & Tulaney, T. (2011). Nurse Migration: What is its impact? MedSurg Nursing, 20(6), 333-336. Shaffer, F. A. (2014). Ensuring a global workforce: A challenge and opportunity. Nursing Outlook, 62(1), 1-4. doi: 10.1016/j.outlook.2013.08.001 Wheeler, R. M., Foster, J. W. & Hepburn, K. W. (2013). The experiences of internationally educated nurses in the southeastern United States of America. International Nursing Review, 60(3), 397-404. doi: 10.1111/inr.12023 In Class Resources: International Centre on Nurse Migration. Fact Sheet. (2008). Nursing Self Sufficiency/Sustainability. Retrieved from Resources/Handouts Posted on Blackboard American Nurses Association. (n.d.). Foreign Educated Nurse. Retrieved from International Council of Nurses. Position Statement. (revised 2007). Nurse Retention and Migration. Retrieved from World Health Organization. Executive Summary. (2013). A Universal Truth: No Health Without A Workforce. Retrieved from