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Management of Information Systems

Assignment #2 Academic Year 2016/2017 Spring College of Business Administration Course Title Management of Information Systems Course Code 0506203 Day & Date Tuesday  07/03/2017 Period 12:00-1:00 AM Student Name Student I.D Section # Time allowed: 1:00 Total Marks:  10 Marks CLO No. CLO Mark Student’s Score 1 2 10 3 4   Total 10 تنبيه: مجرد حيازة هاتف أو أي أجهزة إلكترونية أخرى تعتبر محاولة غش Question: You are hired to design a database system for a big retailer in Dubai. The retailer wants to store data about manufacturers, products and customers. Manufacturer has a name, which is unique, an address, and a phone number. Products have a model number and a type. Each product is made by one manufacturer, and manufacturers have different products. Customers are identified by their social security number. They have email addresses, and physical addresses. An order is placed by one customer. A customer can place many orders. An order has a unique order number, and a date. Information about customer should be recorded in the database even though they did not place any order. Each order contains one or more products. Some products may or may not appear in any order. Draw an entity relationship diagram (ERD) to model the above requirements Instructions: This assignment has 10 marks weight This is individual in-class assignment You must submit your answer by end of the lecture