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Literary Analysis Paper with Research

World Literature Literary Analysis Paper with Research Write an analytical research paper over one or more of the texts we have read this semester or over any other work or works from the textbooks required for this course. Take an idea from the work or works you select and develop a thesis about the idea. Then, use research to develop and support your thesis so that you have a wellwritten analytical research paper. •  Papers should include the following: 1.  a captivating introduction paragraph that clearly states the essay’s main idea in a thesis statement and mentions, at a minimum, the author’s name, and the title of the work; 2.  several unified, focused, and coherent body paragraphs that develop and support the thesis statement with plenty of specific quotes, summaries, paraphrases, examples, and details from the text and from your research and with insightful analysis and critical thinking; 3.  a thoughtful and insightful conclusion that restates the thesis and gives the paper a sense of completion. 4.  The essay should follow the guidelines and rules for writing a standard college essay. Papers should be revised and edited, and they should adhere to the standards of MLA style. Any references to the literature or to your research should be cited using MLA format, and all primary and secondary sources should be cited using MLA format on a works cited page at the end of the paper. •  Paper Guidelines o  Papers should be typed in MLA Format. o   Papers should be 1250-1500 words (approximately 5 to 7 pages) in length. Papers that do not meet the minimum word length requirement will automatically earn a failing grade. o  A minimum of FIVE scholarly secondary (NOT including the primary text) sources should be incorporated into the paper. o  Works that are not considered scholarly (Wikipedia, SparkNotes, blogs, Book Rags, et c.) and the primary work or works of literature you are writing about will not be counted toward these required sources. o  Papers that do not meet the minimum number of sources required will automatically earn a failing grade. o  In addition, dictionary or encyclopedia entries will not be counted toward the five required sources. o  All references to both primary and secondary sources should be cited according to MLA Format within the paper. o  All primary and secondary sources should be listed on a Works Cited page according to MLA Format. o  The research paper will be graded by the grading criteria attached o  Avoid literal plot summaries in your research papers. You should assume your reader has read the work and is familiar with it. o  Use specific examples and details to develop your essay and prove your thesis statement. o  Refer to your research through direct quotations, summaries, and paraphrases. o  Papers should be proofread, polished, and presentable and adhere to the grammatical and mechanical conventions of Standard American English.