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Informative research paper

Below are my instructors notes…I chose Frida Kahlo for my paper. For the third assignment I would like each of you to write a 5 pg. informative research paper (double-spaced, Times New Roman font) on any artist of your choice. My only restrictions is that you pick an artist that we have studied or are going to study; so that we may stick to the content of the course. Informative means that you are making a point about something, taking a stand. For example: You could write about a certain style of the artist, in which he/she painted for for 20 years. Another example: You could write about a transitional period of the artist, in which his/her style changed. What attributed to that? Any historical factors? Work by other artists in which they were influenced? A certain “ism” at the time? A brief bibliography would be fine. It doesn’t have to be fancy. MLA is fine. Please use atleast 3 sources, two of them have to be from a book, the other can be online. Just email me so that we can confirm the artist, and I can give you the thumbs up. This should be fun for you. Artists are very interesting people and usually their lives are very interesting as well. Have fun with it!