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Identify at least FIVE vocabulary terms/concepts from the assigned course readings

The goal for this draft is to provide a basic outline of your policy brief and ensure that you are on track to complete the assignment at a satisfactory level. Guidelines: Provide a few bullet points under each of the 8 headings to show what kind of information you will include; in particular, show where you plan to include specific vocabulary terms and concepts. For the purposes of this assignment, these points do not need to be in complete sentences or connected together in essay form, this is just an outline of main ideas. However, the more work you put into this now, the easier your life will be during finals week. Include in-text citations with these bullet points where appropriate. The sources section should include your properly formatted bibliography of all sources that you plan to use (you may add more later, but you should have at least 6 sources at this point). Executive summary Statement of the Issue/Problem Background Pre-existing Policies Policy Options Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Policy Option Recommendations Sources Minimum requirements: Identify at least FIVE vocabulary terms/concepts from the assigned course readings and show which sections they will be included within. Provided at least 2-3 bullet points of main ideas for each of the 8 components listed above. Employ a minimum of SIX credible sources. Appropriately cite all sources used using either Chicago, APA, or ASA style.