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How would you explain apparent personality differences based on culture, gender, and age?

Unit 7 -1 Imagine that you are attending the World Conference on Psychotherapy in Las Vegas, Nevada. You have been selected as Graduate Student of the Year and asked to moderate a discussion among any four theorists discussed in your text that represent different theoretical perspectives. You have the opportunity to ask each panel member the following question: How would you explain apparent personality differences based on culture, gender, and age? In your initial post, explain how each theorist would answer this question based on your understanding of his theory of personality. Use the text readings to support your answers. Unit 7-2 Identify the significant components of the findings of Peterson, et al., in their article, “Strengths of Character and Posttraumatic Growth.” To what degree do these findings relate to the personality theories covered in this course? (Peterson, C., Park, N., Pole, N., D’Andrea, W., & Seligman, M. E. P. (2008). Strengths of character and posttraumatic growth. Journal of Traumatic Stress, 21(2), 214–217.) Unit 8-1 For this discussion, review John’s and Jillian’s case studies and follow these steps: Choose John’s or Jillian’s case study. Ensure you have read the articles listed in this unit’s Studies activity related to your chosen case study. Based on your chosen case study, answer the following questions in your initial post: If this were your client, what else would you like to know about the client? Based on the articles you read, what might explain aspects of this client’s personality in relationship to health status and lifestyle decisions? Case Study: Unit 9-1 For this discussion, answer the following questions in your initial post: How different are the personality theories, really? Might they all be integrated into one theoretical framework? Or, did they seem to differ fundamentally perhaps because they differed in the aspects of personality that they were trying to explain? Use this unit’s article reading to support your position. Readings Read the following article from the library, which you will use in an upcoming discussion about theoretical eclecticism: Lazarus and Beutler’s “On Technical Eclectism,” from Journal of Counseling & Development, volume 71, issue 4, pages 381–385. Unit 9-2 For this discussion, answer the following question in your initial post: If you could cut and paste three constructs from three different personality theories and develop your own theory of personality, what would that theory look like? Explain why you selected the three particular constructs for your theory. Unit 10-1 For this discussion: Indicate the theoretical orientation with which you are most comfortable or most interested, now that the course has finished. Explain why this particular theory interests you. Unit 10-2 As you reflect on your learning experience in this course, develop a list of three insights or concepts you learned from this course that can either: Be applied to your field of work or practice (for example, how have the knowledge and skills you obtained in this course affected your work?); or, Have affected your professional identity development (for example, what growth and development occurred within the realm of your professional identity?).