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How has the U.S. Supreme Court addressed this issue recently?

Here is the first question on the Discussion page. Be sure to select the Discussions page to the left under Week 6 and respond to the following question: (6b) The authors of the Constitution worried that treason law would be abused because of two concerns: that peaceful opposition to the government, not just rebellion, would be repressed and that innocent people might be convicted of treason by perjury, passion, and/or insufficient evidence. They were determined that disloyal feelings or opinions and the passions of the time wouldn’t be a part of the law of treason. Please respond to the following prompts: ◦At what point should the rights of individuals be restricted in order to achieve the goal of enhanced security? ◦Should those who are not citizens of this country have the same rights as citizens do? ◦How has the U.S. Supreme Court addressed this issue recently?