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How body shaming on social media affects both males and females

My hypothesis is: How body shaming on social media affects both males and females. Order of paper: -Intro -Literature Review (Annotated Bibliography extended in details) -Method Section -Conclusion In the documents I uploaded that is all I have done. The first page is my original introduction that needs to be redone.On 2nd page that is my introduction I attempted to redo with my prof comments. Where it says thesis, please make sure to add my hypothesis in I listed above. There needs to be a peer reviewed journal article defining body shaming.Also articles with Cultivation Theory. Make argument why Cultivation Theory is connected to body shaming. This all is just the (Introduction) I uploaded the literature review instructions. The annotated bibliography begins on the next page, which will be turned into a literature review. There are 5 articles total. The peer reviewed articles are at the top of each page. I want to still use those articles. There are comments on the pages from my professor, please use. The articles should not be in the paper like that, they will be on the work cited page. Next is my method section. I will be doing survey. (does not actually have to be done) Based upon what I uploaded, please include questions that would be on the survey in this section. 3 to 5 questions at least. Read over my method section I uploaded please. In the conclusion, bring it all together, connecting the theory as well. The title and work cited page are not counted in my page count. Has to be 10-12, not counting those 2. The 5 sources are the peer reviewed articles.