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Honors Assignment

Assignment 1 Draft Attached Files: Honors Assignment 1.pdf (172.223 KB) I require a draft of your assignment during this week.  At bare minimum submit your answers to parts 1 through 4.  It will allow you to get feedback and make corrections before the final submission.  Below is a video which walks you through the first three parts of the project and explains how to answer part 4.  I use a sample data set, and the steps and methods are the same for your assignment.  You will just be using your data.  I have also attached the assignment instructions as a convenience.  Be sure to submit your data as well, either as an Excel file (you can submit more than one file) or include the data in the report.     Watch Video Name:                 Honors Assignment Help Video Added By:                          DENISE WILSON   LEG DQ   Did Target ignore data breach warnings?     View/Review the article/video below, which sets the stage for your discussion response. Pin:  Find an article or a video from a credible source detailing how cybercrime and/or consumer protection issues have been faced by other companies.  Post a brief comment on how the your post reflects our learning this week. Post:  Based on the video, did the company presented in the video allow a breach of security based on the laws and ideas discussed in the text? Why or why not? What was done to help remedy the situation, and was it enough based on the legal standard? What legal steps should the company take (or should the company have taken) to avoid personal identity or information from being compromised? Be sure to support your response.     Bloomberg Businessweek reports that the retail giant may have missed two chances to stop the massive data hacking