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Hewlett-Packard—Compaq: The Merger Decision

Subject Case Study Topic     Case: Hewlett-Packard—Compaq: The Merger Decision Type      Questions-Answers Level     High School Style      APA Sources                2 Language             English(U.S.) Description Answer the following 4 questions in question/answer format. DO NOT include the actual questions.. ONLY number each one. Attached you will find the article and graphs  

  1. Do you support Fiorina’s proposal to acquire Compaq? What are the pros and cons? State YOUR reasons for your position, which may or may not agree with the points raised by the management or the board members.


  1. In your opinion, are there any alternative solutions to HP’s struggling performance, other than the choice between merger and non-merger?


  1. What is your assessment of the role played by third parties – consultants, investment bankers, analysts and institutional investors – in this deal?


  1. What is the estimated value of Compaq based on the given forecasts?

**Equity Valuation is the estimated market value of Compaq. See graphs attached Spacing Double Pages    2