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GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

You need to keep economic journal through the semester. You are expected to read about and maintain updated knowledge on current economic issues. Refer to the following topic lists. Follow the directions (below) VERY carefully. READ a newspaper or news magazine on a daily basis. CHOOSE any recent article (written on or after January 1, 2016) that appears to be relevant to the topics being studied in class. However, you can not choose the same article I assign on the online discussion forum. FORMAT: 1)Summary: briefly summarize your chosen article; 2) Critical Analysis: critically analyze it using your own words; 3)Critical question: pose a significant question from your article. LENGTH of the paper must be one or two pages (double spaced). All papers must be type written. ATTACH a copy of the article along with your analysis. PLAGIARISM: Every part of the analysis must be your own writing. If you plagiarize, you will receive a zero grade for the assignment. TOPICS: Choose one of the following topics or any current macroeconomic issue that is relevant to the topic that is being covered in class. You can not write more than one paper with the same topic. 1) GDP (Gross Domestic Product). 2) Economic Growth. 3) Economic Recession. 4) Unemployment Rate. 5) Inflation or Deflation. 6) Government Budget Deficits or National Debts. 7) Fiscal Policy. 8) Monetary Policy. 9) Trade deficits (Export or Import). 10) Exchange rates. 11) Outsourcing.