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Examine the local environment where you live

the topic and three references are required before you start, please message me the topic and three references you are going to use before you start. In this individual effort, you are challenged to examine the local environment where you live, and to develop an understanding of some of the complex issues and interactions between groups or individuals with opposing goals and ideals. The specific topic will be assigned or approved by the instructor. You will examine a controversial environmental facility or process, existing or planned, impinging on environmental sustainability, and present objectively, without personal bias, both (or possibly more) sides of any disagreement over land or water use, pollution or mitigation, effects on the environment, and any concerns affecting sustainability of a resource. For instance, you might write about a dispute between a manufacturing facility discharging (perhaps allowable) waste into a nearby creek, and the farmers downstream who are adversely impacted by the discharge. Conclusions, again without personal bias, will include recommendations for amelioration of any conflict, minimization of environmental degradation, and maximization of long-term sustainability of the particular area or resource which is at the center of the debate. References should include scientific studies, any Environmental Impact Statement, and independent third-party sources, as well as published quotes from those both for and against the facility or process. You should include a concise statement of the problem or issue; progress to date in mitigating or reversing the impacts; participation of local political, community, or private organizations; long-term outlook for the future; and other considerations bearing on the degradation. The research should address a minimum of six of the Concepts, Knowledge, and Skills detailed in Core Concepts.