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Econ 102 Hyperinflation

Econ 102 Hyperinflation These cannot be extra credit points. These needs to be a participation assignment. Completing this assignment is worth 4 points of participation. Answer any of the following three sections. If you wish to modify the assignment, email me and let me know what you’d like to do and I’ll review your request. I. Answer the following questions. 1. What is hyperinflation? 2. How would an economist explain why hyperinflation occurs? 3. Look at any country that has experienced hyperinflation and give an explanation how hyperinflation occurred. 4. Did the country fix or bring hyperinflation under control? If so, how? If not, what happened? Or II. The government and hyperinflation. We covered hyperinflation and the Fed. Can the government cause hyperinflation? Explain. Directions Items 1-4 are to ensure I can read your analysis on my iphone. 1. The paper should have at least 1-1.5 inch margins 2. At least 12 point font 3. Times new roman characters or something similar 4. 1.5 line space with no more than a 1.5 space separating paragraphs. 5. This is not a research paper but if you do use any sources, be sure to cite them. How should you cite your sources? Anyway you wish. Footnotes are fine or a proper reference page. 6. The paper should NOT exceed 2 pages. Charts, graphs, and references do not count in the maximum page total. There is NO page MINIMUM only a maximum number of pages. Please do not ask, “is this enough?” Your goal is to completely and fully answer the question. Again, there is no minimum number of pages for this paper. 7. Due date: 8. Email anaylis to with subject line “econ 102 hyperinflation [insert your name here]” 9. Please do NOT give me a hard copy of your analysis. Follow these directions and you will earn 1 point of extra credit.