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Discuss the generic research question that ANOVA is used to answer

There is two discussion question that need to be answered separately as question #1 and question #2. Each question should be answered in no less than 500 words. Please address every single aspect (detail) of the question. NO abstract or introduction is required for answering the questions. Resource material links will be found after the questions. Discussion question #1 Discuss the generic research question that ANOVA is used to answer and explain how it is different from the independent t-test. Include a discussion of the types of data required, the assumptions of the procedure, and how/why different sources of variability are used in the analysis of variance. Provide a hypothetical example of a situation appropriate for using ANOVA as the primary analytical technique. Discussion question #2 Discuss the rationale of performing post hoc ANOVA tests. What considerations are necessary for choosing an appropriate post hoc test? Which post hoc test would you be most likely to use and why? Resources: Laerd Statistics. (n.d.). One-way ANOVA in SPSS statistics. Retrieved from statistics.php Laerd Statistics. (n.d.). Kruskal-Wallis H test using SPSS statistics. Retrieved from tutorials/kruskal-wallis-h-test-using-spss-statistics.php Chapter 7 in the Munro’s Statistical Methods for Health Care Research textbook