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Describe the bottlenecks that may occur in the new process.

Create a MS PowerPoint presentation with detailed speaker notes. Include the following: Identify which ISO standards apply to Company. Using the Six Sigma DMAIC process, develop a new process design for the production of the Company Product or Service. Be sure to take advantage of any global opportunities available to Company, such as lower labor costs. Describe the bottlenecks that may occur in the new process. Identify three TQM tools that may be used for ongoing process improvement. Be sure to describe who will use the tool, when it will be used, and what interval and how it will lead to process improvement. A project plan including: A schedule including project goals, a schedule, roles and responsibilities and deliverables. An implementation plan, including a Gantt chart of the process design for the Company Product or Service. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. Presentation Order: Company Background (Hazael) ISO & TQM (Hazael) Forecast (Hector) Gantt Chart (Hector) Define (Problem) (At least one tool on each DMAIC Steps) (Hector) Measure (Baseline, As is….) (Maximo) Bottleneck evaluation (Maximo) Analyze (Possible Causes) (Maximo) Improve (Sarahi) Control (Sarahi) Conclusion (Sarahi)