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Describe the anti-war movement.

1.What was urban life like for factory workers, especially recently arrived immigrants? Describe the first term of George W. Bush, and explain how the events of his first year in office shaped his presidency. 2.What major factors contributed to the development of the Industrial Revolution in America? 3.Which groups were most involved in the reform movements of the Progressive Era? Evaluate the degree of success each achieved. 4.What were the major arguments of those who favored the buildup of an American empire at the end of the 1800s? What were the major arguments against such a move by isolationists? Who were some of the leading members of each group? 5.What was life like in America during Prohibition? What groups did prohibition affect most, and why? 6.Segregation in the South was harsh. Describe some of the things that whites did to maintain a segregated society and to keep African Americans from exercising their right to vote. 7.Those who pushed for civil rights for African Americans became a force to be reckoned with. Describe military and sports desegregation, Brown v. Board of Education, and the resistance to the move for civil rights (Emmett Till, Montgomery Bus Boycott, and the SCLC). 8.President John F. Kennedy personified the “cold warrior.” Provide examples that show his growing confidence in his foreign policy dealings. 9.The Vietnam Conflict was a flash point for the Cold War. What were Johnson’s initial thoughts on becoming involved in this area of the world. Why did he make his decision based on information that was untrue about the Gulf of Tonkin Incident? (Your opinion which will not be graded as right or wrong, but needs to be given). How did the “blank check” that Congress unaminously gave to President Johnson, affect US future policies? 10.Describe the divisions and culture wars that plagued America during the 1980’s.On the domestic front, America had issues that greatly affected the country. 11.How did the Berlin Wall come to “fall” when it did? What was the reaction of the world to this event? What happened to East and West Germany afterward? What were the three essential elements of the “Reagan Revolution”? How successful was Reagan in carrying them out? 12.Describe the anti-war movement. What part did Nixon play regarding the Vietnam War? What were Vietnamization, the invasion of Cambodia, Kent State shootings, and the Pentagon Papers? 13. How did most Americans, and the American government, react to the first revelations about the new disease called AIDS? Why?