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Describe one data mining use of this data warehouse.

Including a graphic image with your design is encouraged, as visuals are much more effective at communicating such designs than a text description. If the graphic is sizable, your report will be easier to read if you include it as an appendix, and refer to it in your report; however, a moderately sized graphic is appropriate to include in the body of your report. 2. Super Baseball League data warehouse: a. Design a multidimensional database using a star schema for a data warehouse for the Super Baseball League business environment described in Minicase 2.2. The subject will be ‘‘affiliation,’’ which represents a particular player having played on a particular team. As stated in Minicase 2.2, be sure to keep track of the number of years that the player played on the team and the batting average he compiled on it. b. Describe three OLAP uses of this data warehouse. c. Describe one data mining use of this data warehouse.