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Critical Discussion of Contemporary Management Issues

Critical Discussion of Contemporary Management Issues BMW vs FORD Expectations: As this module is about contemporary management issues, credit will be given for drawing out contemporary issues with respect to the topics covered. You should include a small number of references to relevant books, journals, and other sources set out using a name-date (some people call it Harvard) style of referencing and citing. The assignment should demonstrate some of your critical thinking, and application of academic material to your practical case. Start by setting out briefly, your choice of topic, situation, event, company, or process. Identify the recent contemporary management issue in the news. Then continue with critical discussion of related contemporary management issue(s). Content and structure Title Page Introduction Small introduction of BMW and FORd Contents Page Include the headings for the sections Main Section Focus on: • Comparison of Management Styles • Comparison Organizational Structures • Comparison of Working Conditions • Issues in Companies • Recommendations • Conclusion Conclusion In summary you must include your own critical reflections on the task, highlighting your own point of view in terms of management