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Create a jar file of your completed project.

Write a 1 paragraph proposal for your final project. The project should process and display data in some way. The recommendation is to use a historgram as it is a good way to practice the programming concepts of the second half of this course. However, if you have something else you’d like to try, you are welcome to. If you have an idea but aren’t sure whether it is appropriate, contact the instructor Create a project in BlueJ called LastName-proj, e.g., Smith-proj. (Or use a project name of your choice, as long as you begin with LastName-.) 1. Minimal technical requirements for the project in order to receive full credit include the following: o At least 2 classes. The classes should be organized well, e.g., one for the data and one for displaying the data. (More than 2 classes are also possible – e.g., a data class, an analysis class, and a display class). o At least 1 collection class is used, e.g., ArrayList. You will probably have more than 1, e.g., an ArrayList for data and an array for a histogram. o At least 1 loop that processes a collection (ArrayList or array). It can be any kind of loop – for, for-each, while, etc. You may have more than 1. 2. Consider the following projects as examples of the approximate size and complexity expected for this assignment. Your project can be similar, but at a minimum should use different data with corresponding analysis. See also the weblog analyzer project in the textbook for another use of a histogram. o drive-time-data.jar o children-data.jar 3. You are more than welcome to go beyond the examples given. One simple extension would be to show a graphical histogram, not just numbers. (For example, if the frequency count is 5 for a given category, display 5 asterisks: *, etc.) 4. Use good design and style (Appendix J) as well as good javadoc documentation. 5. Create a jar file of your completed project. 1. While the project is open in BlueJ, choose Project->Create Jar File… 2. Check the “Include source” check box 3. Name the file LastName-proj using your last name