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Core Management Programs Assignment

Core Management Programs Assignment Goals: Short Term Objective: This organization intends to implement a program that prevents the damages caused by employee accidents while using machines at work. Measure: A record of all the equipment available in the various departments will be taken. The physical and functional conditions of the equipment will be recorded and the necessary recommendations made on the basis of the findings obtained. Objective: The research will mainly ponder into coming up with ways of ensuring that all the equipment is in perfect working conditions. Measure: Repairs will be made to slightly damaged equipment. The properties like specificity and efficiency of the materials will be measured to ensure that they are in perfect working conditions Objective: The research intends to establish a well-informed staff that is able to handle the work equipment without any accidents. Measure: A fully informed team will be established through effective training of the company employees on the safety precautions while handling potentially hazardous equipment. Long Term Objective: provision of technical knowledge that could help employees well informed about the functional dynamics of the equipment at their disposal Measure: This project will ensure that the organization’s employees are educated on the basics of operation for most of the machines that they use in their daily duties. Objective: reduction of employee injuries from misuse of equipment by 65% Measure: Through this training, employees will be informed on the ways through which they can stay off the hazardous materials. They will be educated on how to stay off danger Objective: The organization will involve the companies that develop its equipment into the safety program Measure: The manufacturers of this equipment will be able to impart further knowledge into the employees and equip them with the technical knowledge regarding the use of their equipment. Core Metrix’s The organization will evaluate the progress of this project in different aspects The examination of the statuses of the equipment at the employees’ disposal and their safety standards. Educating employees on the core safety measures while using these equipment Administering amendments to the damaged equipment. Strategic Plan Research indicates that most of the accidents that occur within the organization are caused by the lack of proper knowledge about the equipment used by the employees. It is also evident that faulty machines are more likely to cause accidents among employees as compared to fully-functioning ones. The first stage of this project will involve the evaluation of the machines that are currently in use. This process will mainly aim at detecting any potential dangers that may be associated with this equipment. The principal target for this stage involves recommending the necessary steps that should be taken to restore the functionality of this equipment. The second stage involves creating awareness and educating the employees on how to prevent accidents from taking place. It also involves providing them with the right skills to escape injuries resulting from such incidents. The manufacturers of the machines may be involved to boost the effectiveness of this stage. Budgeting The main components of the budget will include the cost of repairing the machines identified to be faulty and the expenses incurred in organizing and implementing the training processes. The calculations for the damaged equipment will be done based on the current market values. The cost of training, on the other hand, will be done according to the total number of trainers and trainees as well as the duration of each training session. Reference Hammerers, R. G. (1983). Strategic management. New York: Wiley.