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Conducting Interviews

Conducting Interviews Assignment 3 There are several forms of interviews you can conduct when hiring the right personnel for your establishment (Restaurant). Based on this week’s learning and research, your group will conduct one of the following types of interviews, the instructor will conduct random selections: A traditional office interview An interview that is conducted in a dining room An interview where a demonstration is required You will also be asked to answer the following questions as they pertain to your type of establishment: How would you conduct each of these types of interviews? What form would they take and where would they be conducted? What type of information would you seek from the interviewee? What tools would you use to collect the information? Which type of interview would you use for the various departments of your establishment? If multiple interviews are to be used, what would be the order and importance of each? Presentations should be in power point and are due next class. Conducting Interviews Grading Criteria Maximum Points Provided a complete explanation of a traditional interview, answering the questions asked. 10 Provided a complete explanation of a dining room interview, answering the questions asked. 10 Provided a complete explanation of demonstration interviews, answering the questions asked. 10 Identified five departments of your establishment and the type of interview that would work well for each. 5 Followed current MLA guidelines for writing style, spelling, grammar, and citation of sources. 5 Total 40