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Communication Disorder and Scince 431 assignemnt #5

Topic     Communication Disorder and Scince 431 assignment #5 Type      Essay Level     High School Style      APA Sources                0 Language             English(U.S.) Description Hello   For this assignment, I attached you many files that you need to use most of them and the rest I attached them to you in case you want to get some info. I attached you the assignment sheet. To do the assignment you need to go over the assignment #2,3 and 4 to do assignment 5. The first part of the assignment is based on a recorded that I attached to you and the filed named is Mathew visit adiology and the second part based on the other record that named Mathew final parent conference. and the third part you need to search on the internet to do. The fourth part you have to use the other files for the sources you can use as need. Spacing Double Pages    4