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Common diseases processes

This research review paper is based on common diseases processes found in the elderly in primary care. 1. Identify the medical problem / diagnosis / disease. Answer the following questions. a. Typical presenting signs and symptoms including: b. Onset – Characteristics – Location – Radiation – Timing – Setting – Aggravating factors – Alleviating factors – Associated symptoms – Course since onset (OLDCART) c. Epidemiology d. Concomitant disease states associated with the diagnosis 2. Describe the pathophysiology of the problem in detail at a Master’s level on understanding. Include any genetic research/knowledge. 3. List 3 Differential Diagnoses and the usual presenting signs & symptoms. Compare and contrast how they differ from the Primary Diagnosis. 4. Review the Research for the past 20 years and determine the changes in thought, studies, etc. for this disease process. Wrap up this section with the most current knowledge and treatment modalities. 5. Include Algorithms/screening instruments if available.