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Business research paper

This paper must be business research paper. (No social or ethical paper). * Japan is aging country and their workforce is shrinking. How shall japan invest in least developing like (Myanmar/Burma) to cultivate growth? Describe strategy, SWOT, PASTEl analysis and come up with solution. (For example: Theme = Japan good quality product is well known in Myanmar and other developing countries in South East Asia. Japan has strong historical tie with Myanmar. They helped with humanitarian aid when the country was under dictatorship.) Come up with solutions on how Japan should postion themselves as a leader to profit from future growth country like Myanmar. They can funneled those back to japan. Capital (borrowing cost) is cheap in japan. Therefore they should pick growth countries like Myanmar.) Step1 Identify japan problem Step2 research and analysis Step3 provide solution. (Must be analytical paper. Not fact information sheet paper). (((((((((((( List all the sources recent years.))))))))))