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Business Intelligence and business decision models

Discuss how Information Systems and Informatics solutions, technologies, or tools and other salient features of Business Intelligence and business decision models that are of pertinent interest to the business world would be used to facilitate and achieve more organizational efficiency and competitiveness. In retrospect to the topic you selected and the challenge, discuss the type of Information System and Informatics solutions that will have an output capable of enabling the organization to objectively measure whether critical processes are on track to improve its business effectiveness. Your final paper needs to be in the same electronic format as earlier submissions and should not exceed a limit of 10 pages. Common sections of your research paper must include an abstract, introduction, conclusion and references. Prepare and submit a PowerPoint presentation (5-10 slides) on the relevant high points of your selected topic and the challenge, as if you are presenting this to the entire class or reviewing this with a board of directors. If possible, rehearse with the PowerPoint in advance to assure a smooth presentation and post it as a video for the rest of the class.