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Biodiversity and energy take home-exam

Assignment Instructions Biodiversity and energy take home-exam.  The exam consists of two questions, and each is worth half of your exam score. Each answer must be 1250-1650 words long, (YOU SHOULD HAVE 1300 FOR EACH) and the word limit is strictly enforced. Each question must include at least 5 peer-reviewed references, cited in the text and referenced in a bibliography following any consistent standard referencing format (from the peer-reviewed literature, not from websites). See class rubric for grading criteria. 1. During the biodiversity unit (Chapters 6 & 9-13), biodiversity conservation on various levels is discussed. Do you think we are experiencing Earth’s sixth major extinction event? Why is this biodiversity crisis happening? What are the solutions offered by experts to address these threats? Deeply consider the issue from different key perspectives, including a global perspective, and propose a summary conservation plan for the country of your choice. 2. During the energy unit (Chapters 14-17 & 20), various points of view were researched and discussed. What are the short and long term arguments for and against reliance on fossil fuels versus alternate energy sources, or a combination? What is your energy plan for the country of your choice for the short and long term? Deeply consider the issue from different key perspectives, including a global perspective.