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Benefits and side effects of antidepressant in the treatment of major depression

There are two topic and you can choose one of them which is easier for you to write about. please after deciding let me know which one you will be write about.topics are antideppresant side effects or benefits and side effects of antidepressant in the treatment of major depression. Please ONLY use sources (articles) which are available and accessible online and free.please follow the instruction exactly : Analyze in detail at least five contemporary research journal articles on this topic (all of the articles must be describing research/one research literature review article on the topic out of total five articles is allowed). The articles should be no more than five years old (within ten is ok, but important to have several recent articles as well). + from peer-reviewed literature sources. Use the following outline as a guide for writing this Nine age paper, Paper needs to be written in a correct APA style, including abstract. INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW: Describe the clinical relevance of this topic in therapy. Discuss the common themes and problems researchers must address in conducting sound research on this topic. REVIEW: Article by article, describe the focus of the investigation, research participants, methodology, results, and the author’s discussion of the results. ANALYSIS: After reviewing each article, provide a critical analysis of the investigations. Variables to consider include: clinical usefulness of the findings; scope and focus of the article; oversight of multicultural issues; theoretical bias; and problems of inconsistency or lack of clarity in defining the issues presented. DISCUSSION: Summarize the insights gained from the literature review, emphasizing implications for clinicians. Your paper structure will look this way: INTRODUCTION AND OVERVIEW Article 1 REVIEW Article 1 ANALYSIS Article 2 REVIEW Article 2 ANALYSIS Article 3 REVIEW Article 3 ANALYSIS Article 4 REVIEW Article 4 ANALYSIS Article 5 REVIEW Article 5 ANALYSIS DISCUSSION