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Behavior Change Project

Behavior Change Project Over the course of the quarter you will be working on a positive behavioral change.  You will be given a framework and tips to keep you on-track with your change.  This instruction sheet will take you step-by-step in creating the best possible setting for success.  Be sure to thoroughly address every question and prompt within each sub-heading. Title page:  What will you call your project?  Be creative and name your change something meaningful to you. This will get you invested and excited to begin your positive behavioral change. Behavioral Analysis: Based on you earlier analysis of you energy drainers versus you energy fuelers and their costs and payoffs, identify a behavior that you would like to consider changing.  This can include behaviors such as smoking, physical activity, stress reduction, nutrition, intellectual challenges, etc.  Please note:  if you choose to engage in physical activities as you behavior change, please notify your healthcare provider and get their approval/ support.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your health is not harmed as a result of this project.  In addition, any behavior change that clearly harms you health (i.e. Eating only 1 meal per day) will result in a failing grade for the project.  If you have a large, long-term goal, break it down into several short-term goals.  The positive behavior change that you select should be something that can be accomplished in an 8-week time frame.  Choose only ONE behavior to change and be very specific about the change you wish to make. For example:  You may want to workout more, eat better, stop drinking soda, and get more sleep.  If you attempt to make large multiple changes you risk burning out and not succeeding at any of your goals.  Instead select ONE behavior and set a specific goal i.e. I will workout 3 days a week M-W-F at 3 pm for 45 minutes. Explain why you are choosing this behavior as your project topic. List and explain advantages and disadvantages of your current behavior and why changing this behavior will improve your overall health. 3. Explain when, where, and why you think your current behavior occurs.  Be specific!  Include the reasons for making the change.  This should be a very detailed account. Review of Literature: Finding, reading and reviewing studies, articles and other forms of literature related to your project will not only increase your knowledge about your behavior change but may also serve to provide you will helpful tips and motivation. You will need to: Find a minimum of 3 credible resources (not Wikipedia).  You are recommended to use Ebsco or Proquest to search for current articles relating to your behavioral change. Site the articles appropriately in either APA or MLA format and provide copies of the abstracts for each of your articles. Write a brief review of what the literature entails and why it is important/helpful to you in creating a positive behavioral change.  In other words, what does the article say and how will you use the information. Methodology: What is your plan of action?  State exactly what your behavior change is (Goals) and specifically how you intend to attain your goal (Objectives).  For example, Goal:  to get 7 hours of sleep per night.  Objective:  Finish work by 10pm.  Objective:  lay out cloths and pack lunch at night. What are the resources required to complete this change?  What are your barriers to success, specifically and HOW are you going to get around those barriers when they occur.  In other words what is your plan? List and explain groups/resources/organizations/people that can help in changing your behavior. Identify specifically how they can assist you.  You are STRONGLY encouraged to use these forms of support.  If you choose not to use them, you must still list them in your paper.  Who is your support system and what type of support will you seek from them? Create a reward system for yourself. This is expected to be a formal reward system.  Feeling satisfied is NOT considered a reward.  Rewards can include, but are not limited to, a dinner out, a new outfit, quiet time for you, and new music from iTunes, etc.  Be sure that your reward is not counterproductive to your behavior change. Documentation:  You must keep a written account of your progress for your behavior change.  Accurate documentation can be a means of support and motivation as well as a tool for adjustment in case you are struggling with making the change.  If you choose to hand write your documentation, you must have the ability to scan the information so that it may be submitted at the termination of the quarter. Summary:  Review the behavior change.  Was it successful?  Why or why not? What did you learn? Analyze your successes and failures.  Explain if there will be future behavior changes as a result of this project in the future for you.