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A research project detailing a violent criminal or criminals of your choice

Research Project Each student will be required to submit a research project detailing a violent criminal or criminals of your choice. Each student will write a thesis statement regarding the subject or subjects. The thesis statement will look at the violent subject and how criminological theories could have an impact on their life. Emphasis should be on the background of the individuals studied and the criminal act(s) or the motivation(s) for the violent acts. During the course, you will have learned that many theories on criminal behavior overlap, and that it is not uncommon for more than one theory to explain why the criminal act(s) occurred. Your paper should apply these theories of criminal behavior to the subject’s life history. If you desire to do a fictional character or unsolved crime, please clear with the instructor. Do not choose a political or military individual (Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc.). Rating: Exceptional corresponds to an A (90-100). Performance is outstanding; significantly above the usual expectations. Proficient corresponds to a grade of B (80-89%). Skills and standards are at the level of expectation. Basic corresponds to a C (70-79%). Skills and standards are acceptable but improvements are needed to meet expectations well. Novice corresponds to a D (60-69%). Performance is weak; the skills or standards are not sufficiently demonstrated at this time. 0 This criterion is missing or not in evidence. The theory has to be either biological or how his background of american football lead to his violence